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SÜBA Hungary Kft.

Last updated: 9 November 2022


When contacting us on our website (, it is necessary for us to process some of your personal data. In this Privacy Policy, we present how and why we do it. If you have any question or request regarding our data processing, you can reach us at


The data controller

Your personal data is processed by SÜBA Hungary Kft. (registered office: H-1027 Budapest, Ganz utca 16. 3. em. [Hungary]; company registration number: 01-09-377814; e-mail address:


Each data processing has a specific purpose, a data storage period and a legal basis. We will no longer process your personal data if any of these terminates, unless the data processing is necessary for the enforcement of the legal claims of the data controller. This latter data processing is based on the ‘legitimate interest’ of the data controller, pursuant to Section (1)f of Article 6 of the general data protection regulation 2016/679 of the European Union (GDPR). We will notify you in such cases.


Data processing’ means any and all operation performed on personal data, including their recording, storage, analysis and erasure. ‘Personal data’ means any information relating to you as a natural person, either directly or indirectly, by which you can be identified.


The legal basis of ‘performance of a contract’ means that your personal data will be processed following your request (contact) and in order to prepare a potential real estate sale and purchase agreement to be concluded between you and the data controller, in its capacity as investor. This legal basis is regulated by Section (1)b of Article 6 of the GDPR.


The legal basis called "consent" means that we will only process your personal data for the stated purpose if you have given your prior consent. This legal basis is based on Section (1) a of Article 6 of the GDPR.


Intra-group transfer of data: the personal data provided may also be disclosed to companies belonging to the SÜBA Holding Hungary GmbH group of companies, in particular to Csatárka 34. Kft. (registered office: 1027 Budapest, Ganz utca 16. 3rd floor; company registration number: 01-09-382155), which is company holding the property affected by the sale, on the basis of the "legitimate interest" of the data controller. The purpose of such transfers of data is to enable the data controller to notify these companies if you are interested in purchasing a real estate or entering into such a contract. Such transfers of data are ad hoc, conditional and administrative in nature, do not involve the processing of specific personal data, profiling and do not affect your rights to privacy, confidentiality of correspondence or similar fundamental rights.


We will process your personal data you provide – either by e-mail, phone call or using the application form available through the “Real Estate” or "Flats" sections of the website (request for proposal) – to record and answer your inquiry as follows:







What personal data: name, e-mail address and other contact detail you provide (e.g. phone number), notice attaching to inquiry related to the real estates of your interest.

Data retention period: until you enter into a real estate sale and purchase agreement with Csatárka 34 Kft., or for 6 months from the date of receiving your inquiry whichever happens first.

Legal basis: performance (preparation) of a contract.


Cookie use

We use several cookies to measure and analyse the usage of our website which help us improve the site.


-       ‘Cookies’ are small files sent by our website and stored by your browser. Each cookie has a unique ID helping our website to recognize new and returning users, including you. Cookies can also store certain information of each visit which then can be used to improve the functionality of a website.


-       Reject cookies: You can always reject the use of cookies in the settings or ‘Help’ menu of your browser. Please note that rejecting cookies may result a less optimized operation of our website


Upon your consent our website currently uses ^_ga and gid cookies ensuring analytical measurements provided and hosted by Google Analytics to collect information about how users use the website (such as the length of each session of browsing and which parts of the website users click on) and to help us distinguish between users. The ^ga cookie has a data retention period of 2 years and the _gid cookie has a data retention period of 1 day.


Your rights related to the data processing

You can exercise the following rights any time by sending an e-mail to We may ask for further ID information from you before reply to avoid unauthorized access to your personal data. We strive to answer you within 30 days. We will notify you if we cannot fulfill your request for any reason


right to access:

You may request information on the details of our data processing anytime (for example, what kind of personal data of yours are processed and for what purposes).

right to rectification:

You may instruct us to correct or amend your personal data in case it is recorded incorrectly or incompletely.

Withdrawal of consent:

You may at any time withdraw your consent provided previously to the processing of your personal data without any conditions and without any charge payable , if the legal basis for the processing is "consent". The withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of our processing prior to the withdrawal.

right to be forgotten:

You may request the erasure of certain or all of your personal data.

right to object:

You may also object against our direct marketing activities or our ‘legitimate interest’-based data processing. When objecting, you may also request that the data controller limits the relevant processing to storage only until the cause of the objection is inspected. If the objection is well-grounded, we will no longer process your affected personal data.

right to restriction:

You may request the restriction of the data processing of your personal data if you think that the processing is unlawful or the stored personal data is not accurate. Furthermore, if we are about to erase your personal data, you may request that we keep storing them in order for you to be able to, for example, pursue legal claims.

right to data portability:

You may request to transfer those personal data of yours which we process, either to you or to another data controller selected by you.

right to complain:

You may submit a complaint with NAIH, the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information, if you think that the data controller has violated the statutory provisions of the GDPR and other data protection laws (contact information: postal address: H-1055, Budapest, Falk Miksa utca 9-11. [Hungary]; e-mail address:; web:; phone: +36 (1) 391-1400; fax: +36 (1) 391-1410). Please contact us first if you have any concern regarding our data processing.

right to seek judicial remedy:

You may seek judicial remedy with the regional court having jurisdiction, by your choice, over your place of Hungarian residence or abode, if you think that the data controller has violated your rights while processing your personal data. You may retrieve further information on judicial processes at the following website:


Further important information

-       You are responsible for the personal data you share with us. The data controller is not obliged to verify whether your personal data is true or accurate. Please do not share other’s personal data on your behalf. If there is a change in your personal data (for instance, in your e-mail address or phone number), it is your responsibility to notify us without delay of the change so that we can update our records. The data controller excludes its liability for any damage resulting from processing inaccurate personal data of yours.


-       The data controller is not responsible for the data processing of any other website/application that can be accessed from our website through a hyperlink. We recommend that you check out that website’s privacy policy you navigate yourself to.


-       The data controller may unilaterally amend this Privacy Policy from time to time. You will be promptly notified of any relevant changes that might affect your personal data. This Privacy Policy is governed by the laws of Hungary, matters not regulated herein will be subject to the GDPR and the other relevant provisions of the respective Hungarian data protection laws.